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Delbert ~ Red Feather is his traditional Lakota name.

Delbert has been at Sioux pottery since 1976 and is an enrolled member of the Rosebud tribe. Banding is his specialty at Sioux Pottery. Sioux Pottery is all handmade Native American artwork and is known for its rainbow look and the blending of 3 colors. Banding is the process of adding and blending these colors on the greenware (pottery that has not been fired). This is all done by hand and Delbert is a craftsman at this process. An interesting fact, is that sometimes Delbert uses bb\'s in the bottom of the vase to weight down and balance the piece as he spins it and bands the colors by hand. Usually about 3 layers of color are added to the vase. Delbert also created The Deer Tracks Line for Sioux Pottery. This line is black, grey and white in color and depicts the importance of the deer to the Lakota people. The Deer Tracks line is only available in a limited number of shapes. One of the things that Delbert enjoys outside of work is bowling.
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