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Jeanne ~ her traditional Lakota name is High Elk.

Jeanne was born at the Cheyenne Agency in 1959. The Cheyenne agency now sits under water but used to be located on Hwy 212 in South Dakota. Jeanne is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe. She has been with Sioux Pottery since 1989. While Jeanne has and does many different duties around Sioux Pottery, her main skill is as one of our designers. The design work of our pottery is done by actually etching off the paint that has been banded on the piece. Jeanne uses a variety of tools to do her etching. She takes a vase and using her tools she etches in the symbols on the pottery. While Sioux Pottery uses mainly the symbols found on our "symbols" page, it is truly up to the designer to include whatever symbols or designs they feel fit to include on the piece they are working on. Each piece of our pottery is handmade and is truly special, therefore making it great for Native American home decor, giving it as a unique gift, or as a souvenir of the Black Hills (Paha Sapa). Outside of work, Jeanne enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and sewing.
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