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Liz ~ Bull Tail is her traditional Lakota name.

Liz was born in Rapid Cty and is an enrolled member of the Rosebud tribe. Liz does a number of jobs around Sioux Pottery. She works in our sanding department, as well as helping out in our gift shop and shipping department. Sanding is the process of removing all the seams and making the greenware smooth after it has been casted and dried. Liz also does some design work and you can find her name on the bottom of our Paha Sapa line (only available at our factory). Each piece of Sioux Pottery is signed on the bottom by either the designer or artist that did the work on it. Liz is the daughter of Jeanne (High Elk) and is the proud mom of two children. When not working or spending time with her kids, Liz enjoys drawing and doing artwork.

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