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Peace Pipe Legend

Red Feather has created a design, for Sioux Pottery alone, blending our unique Native American handmade pottery with the legend of the peace pipe. Legend has it that long ago two braves were on a hunting trip and were getting ready for return to their village when suddenly in the distance they saw a fair Indian maiden. One of the braves looked upon her with lust in his heart, but the other brave gazed on her with awe and respect. As the maiden appeared, a cloud covered the brave who had the bad intentions and when it lifted, all that was left of him was a pile of bones. To the good brave she said, "Return to your camp and tell what you have seen. Tell them I came to bring them a gift." So the brave returned home and told of what he had seen. Then very shortly the maiden appeared carrying a peace pipe. As she gave the pipe to the chief she said, "Take this and when you are among friends and people you love and trust, share it with them to show your good feelings." From that day forward the peace pipe has been among the Indian people and their friends.