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The Story of Kokopelli

As with all legends handed down from generation to generation, there exists an array of tales animating many a hero and Kokopelli is no exception.

The stories about Kokopelli originated centuries ago and have been found in the ruins dating back as early as the third century and as late as the sixteenth: His purpose or mission remains unclear but his reputation does not.

Known to some as a magician, he is known to others as a storyteller, teacher, healer, trickster, or god of the harvest and is often credited as being the “original” journalist.

Believed to bring fertility and good fortune to whomever he met wherever he chose to roam, Kokopelli, with his hunchback and flute, was always welcome.

Kokopelli possessed a playful, carefree nature that seemed to be able to bring the good out in everyone. Cousin to the mythical gods of the ancient world, Kokopelli is believed to represent the fertility and the untamed spirit or nature. Because of this and his sexy, joyous, uninhibited ways, his wisdom, magic, and simple nature have often times been overlooked. This masculine Casanova is famous for his prankster ways and one is often warned to beware for he is likely to trick you. It is all in good fun, though, for especially in today’s world, his humor is refreshing and delightful.

The stories may differ depending on the storyteller and tales shall be told for many, many years to come. Yet through it all, Kokopelli shall remain an inspiring figure with a passion for life.